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Freelance Online Tutor
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Freelance Online Teacher @ ClassZroom

Work from home

Self-determined teaching time

Custom charge

Suitable for tutors who are passionate about teaching

Part-time or full-time is up to you


FAQ about applying to become a tutor


Begin application and prepare appropriate documents
What are the requirements to become a teacher? Can I work part-time?

As long as you have relevant teaching experience and meet our requirements, you can apply to become a ClassZroom teacher. You are free to open hours, and you can use your spare time to earn extra income.


Which subjects can I teach?

You may teach any subject you wish.

Which languages can I teach?

You may teach any language you wish, but the language you choose to teach must reach C2 or native speaker level.


Is it necessary to have teaching certification?

Not necessarily, but Having more teaching qualifications will attract more students. Please include any teaching certifications you have in your application.


Do I have to have teaching experience?

Yes, you definitely need to have related work experience in order to qualify for this teaching position.


If I am already an student, can I apply as an teacher?

All users can be both students and teachers. You can use the same account if Gmail is used to registered, teachers must use Gmail to register to connect the Google Calendar, and you can apply our post and attend an video interview.

​After passing the interview

1. Fill in the form for your Intrduction page 

2. Submit your Personal details and Agreement

3. Participate in assessment classes from time to time

After becoming an online teacher, do I need to create my own course?

Once you become our teacher, you will need to create my own course. ClassZroom believes that each student's level and learning style are different, providing customized teaching materials for students is the most effective teaching method.

How to set the fees becoming an online teacher?

When you officially become a ClassZroom teacher, we will provide pricing options to give you a clear direction.

What is the platform's leave/cancellation system?

Students can make an appointment for a class after 24 hours at the earliest. If the teacher or the student wants to cancel the appointment, they must coordinate with each other 24 hours before the start of the class and  apply for the cancellation, so that the student or the tutor can get the rescheduled  class within 30 days.

How are tuition fees charged?

Students will purchase your courses through the platform. When you complete the class, fees will be shown in your monthly income statement. Before the 15th of each month, the system will settle your teaching income for the previous month. For Tutor in Hong Kong, you can choose to use bank transfer or FPS, and  Wise for tutors present in other countries to receive the payment.

Will there be a fee for using the platform?

When you successfully become a teacher through the review of ClassZroom, you can publish your personal page for free to recruit students. ClassZroom will expose your page in different social media ads etc, and even introduce you to the right students, which will bring you income, so when we promote you, you need to provide your introduction snippet, let us do it for you publicity. In order to support the daily operation of ClassZroom and allow teachers to earn a reasonable teaching income, we adopt a regressive commission system. 

See Payment

What should I do if there are any questions?

You can select FAQ on the ClassZroom webpage, which can answer most of your doubts. But if there are still problems that cannot be solved, you can send a message to contact us or email us.


​Get started and begin teaching students​​​

How do I manage my Introduction page?

Teachers are able to create the content for their courses, upload related essays or videos, as well as share their daily life with students on their teacher introduction page.

Tutor Guideline


How long should the Introduction video be and what content should it include?

The video should be 2 to 3 minutes long. We recommend speaking the languages you want to teach in your introduction video, so students will have a better understanding of your language skills and teaching style.

How do I set my schedule and price for teaching?

Teachers are able to set their own schedule and choose the price they want to charge for their classes. ClassZroom will take a fixed fee and  administration fee (it is variable as market price) from each transaction. Individual lessons are 50 mins and 25mins long, Trial lessons is 25 mins long.


How do I get more students?

We offer many online and offline activities on a continual basis to help our teachers get more students. We frequently have teacher promotions and provide discounts for students in order to boost user activity. In addition, we will also recommend teachers to our students according to their demands.

Also, teachers are encouraged to upload the Introduction video for the promotion purpose.



Complete classes and get paid

How do I ensure my classes are completed?

If the student does not apply the reschedule or cancellation of a class within 7 days, then we will automatically default the class is completed.

You should complete the Class Completion record after classes.

How do I get paid? 

You can see Payment.


When do I get paid?

You can see Payment.

Can students reach me for advice outside class?
You are not allowed to contact or self contact students   
You should explain to students or parents about your class and the price by using the chat functions before they book the class. ​

What is a good timing for me to hold class?
HKT zone.

What if students are feeling sick before or during the lessons?
Teachers may arrange other class with students. 

1st lesson

How do new teachers start their first online class? ​

Teaching Guideline

You can enter the classroom 10 minutes before the class starts.

1) You can open the email and click the link, and you will see the reserved classes.

2) Click on the upcoming course. Please note that due to Zoom time limits, you can enter the classroom 10 minutes before class. Click Start Class to enter the class.

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