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Multiple Intelligences Course

Through different types of activities, ClassZroom encourages students to learn by doing, while training their thinking, analytical and expressive skills. We use different teaching materials, teaching aids and activities to attract children to learn at the same time, so that they can enjoy learning more.


- Chinese course-
Small Story Big Revelation Course Toddler Speaking Skills Training Class Toddler Fun Literacy Class 
Preschool Chinese Storytelling Class Preschool Happy Mandarin Class

Primary School Homework Remedial Course (Chinese)

Storytelling class

Master of Ceremonies Training Course

Little orator course

little calligrapher

Elementary School Reading Curriculum

Idiom training class

Primary school entrance interview course

- Mandarin Course-
Happy Mandarin Class for Toddlers


- English lessons-
Kindergarten English Course Cambridge English Class Preschool English Vocabulary Class 
Preschool English Play Class Preschool English Singing Class 

Primary School Homework Remedial Course (English)

Primary English Course

Primary school English word class English pinyin course English grammar course

English Sentence Structure Course

English Oral Exam Training Class


- Math Course-
Primary School Homework Remedial Course (Mathematics)

Elementary Math Curriculum Elementary School Concentration Curriculum


- Skill Up- 
Upgrading small interview course 
Toddler Social Etiquette Class Toddler Concentration Game Training Class Toddler Small Leader Training Class Toddler Size Muscle Training Class 


- Art classes-
Kindergarten Origami Class Kindergarten Fabric Craft Class Kindergarten Clay Class Kindergarten Mud Class Kindergarten Comprehensive Handicraft Class Kindergarten Painting Class Kindergarten Pastel Painting Class Kindergarten Wood Color Painting Class

Elementary School Drawing Lessons

Elementary Craft Course

Primary School Watercolor Lessons

Primary school cartoon drawing course

Primary School Ink Painting Course

Primary school paper cutting class

Primary school jewelry making

Primary school fabric work production class

Primary school flower art class


- Dance lessons-
Toddler KPOP Dance Class Toddler Modern Dance Class Toddler Latin Dance Class Toddler Jazz Dance Class Toddler Chinese Dance Class

Elementary School KPOP Dance Class

Elementary School Modern Dance Class

Elementary Latin Dance Class

Elementary School Jazz Class

Primary School Chinese Dance Class


- Foreign Language Course-
Japanese Basic Course for Young Children

​ Japanese course for toddlers

Elementary School Japanese Basic Course

​ Elementary School Japanese Course

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