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[s285] Teacher Mbali South Africa Cambridge English and Beginner English (All level)

Teacher code: [s285] Mbali Madonsela

Nationality: South Africa

Current Place: South Africa

Subjects: Cambridge English and Beginner English

Level: All Level

Teaching Language: English

Class Introduction

Good day, and welcome to my classroom. My name is Mbali but you can call me teacher Bali. I am a final year student at a university in South Africa with the enthusiasm and interest of sharing my knowledge in English with you. I am a certified TEFL teacher and I have a background in tutoring; Furthermore, I can teach reading, writing, spelling, grammar and speaking in English. I describe my teaching style as warm, friendly and patient with patience being the element I pride myself most on. This is because I can empathize with the feeling of trying to learn something new. The atmosphere in my class is incorporated with a light mood and a comfortable space where mistakes are seen as growth.

Each week, students generally must complete a set of required readings, participate in a discussion with me since this will be a 1-on-1, and finish an assignment or small tests to track their performance.

A synchronous online course where the student will have to participate in lectures or discussions at specific times each week.

Regardless of whether you study online or in person, you should make an effort to attend every class and mandatory course activity, including discussion sections.


TEFL certificate with distinction






Introduction video

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