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[s252] Teacher Anele 南非英語 (All level)

Teacher code: [s252] Teacher Anele

Nationality: South Africa

Current Place: South Africa

Subjects: English

Teaching level: All level

Teaching Language: English

Class Introduction

Hello Everyone

My name is Miss Anele and I am from South Africa.

My favorite hobbies are singing, reading and dancing.

I believe that learning should be fun and informative and that’s exactly what I will offer to my students.

I usually use google classroom and zoom to conduct my online classes.

Junior students learn best when given visuals/pictures to learn and also have games and rhyme to learn.

Adult students mostly prefer to learn the language that they will use to run their business or to improve their fluency in English, that will help them in their social life. I usually focus on language structure and convention, reading and writing skills.

Teacher's Academic

Tefl certicate and bachelors degree


Related Experience




Introduction video

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