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[s314] Teacher Nola South Africa English (All level)

Teacher code: [s314] Teacher Nola

Nationality: South Africa

Current Place: South Africa

Subject: English

Teaching Level: All level

Teaching Language: English

Class Introduction

Hello, My name is Nola and I'm a very tenacious person when it comes to applying myself in anything and everything. I am a loving, kind and talkative individual who loves making lasting happy memories with the ones around me. I love for my students to feel comfortable in my classroom and have as much fun as possible whilst learning. I love for learning to feel like an extra hobby not anything daunting or strenuous.

I organize online lessons based on the students understand and what they know already and how they'd want to be taught in our classroom. I make PowerPoints and worksheets for the students and also refer them to YouTube for better understanding.

Junior classes

- are usually structured that the student stays interested and that they do a lot of actions with me so they do not lose interest in the lesson. I also do a lot of singing and rhyming to help the students remember.

Senior Classes

- are usually organized to the preference of the student but I always make sure our lessons are rooted to the topic placed for that lesson. With senior students I make sure students understand their work better.

Teacher's Acedemic

High School


Relative Experience



Introduction video

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