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[hk225] Jacqui Teo Australia Cambridge English (All levels)

導師編號: [hk225] Jacqui Teo

國藉: Australian

所在地: Hong Kong

教授: English, Cambridge English

級別: All level

授課語言: 英語



For 3 to 16 years old,

I use a variety of tools to help cover

phonemes, morphemes, lexemes, syntax, and context.


I concentrate on reading, writing, comprehension (written and verbal) and speaking

and cover:

Phonics, Grammar, Vocabulary, Sentence structure and dynamics, Expression

For the younger students,

role playing, picture cards and books, interactive material, songs and short videos tend to work best.

Also cultivating a love of reading is very important at this learning stage.

I follow a set structure each time and keep my classes to 45 or 50 minutes:

Introduction and review last lesson

Go through homework from last lesson

Introduce new topic - notes or video or exercise or song

Written Exercise related to new topic

Verbal Exercise - read a book or comprehension passage and discuss the content

Assign homework if required

Closed or older, it is about teaching them the extras that make their work stand out, using RACE structures, plot structures, uplifting their creative writing with colour and expression.

For comprehension, I work on key strategies to enhance focus on the context and themes.

歡迎先以 聯繫導師跟我了解課程資訊。






Introduction video

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